Announcing WooCommerce Category Checklist Expander

I release WooCommerce Category Checklist Expander today, which as an modification of Category Checklist Expander for WooCommerce.

The files and source code are currently hosted on GitHub:

More WordPress Plugins removed

Today I`ve redrawn the following WordPress plugins from;

  • Opera Speed Dial
  • Has.js
  • jQuery Mobile (Updater)

    This plugin will be included in a future version of jQuery Updater

This means that they are no longer available or supported

I will post the source code on GitHub later this week.

Development Progress of jQuery Updater for WordPress

Today I`ve started working on my jQuery Updater for WordPress plugin.

Step 1: moving to GitHub

First step was linking Subversion and Git, which was a hell

Step 2: decide workflow

The second step is deciding the workflow: tools and rules. I decided to skip Grunt and Vagrant for now, since the code isn`t going to be rocket science.
I use phpDoc for documenting the PHP code and GitHub as project management (issues, milestones).

This setup will do fine for now!

Step 3: project management

Making a roadmap, with issues, features and prioritising all that I want before I start working and losing grip on the project.

Step 4: work

Starting with cleaning up code followed by creating space for new features. Leaving the hardest bits for the last. Although this isn`t ideal it makes future  development a whole lot easier.

Want to help?

The project is located on GitHub at

Forking WooCommerce on GitHub

First fork WooCommerce to one of your channels through

Use the GitHub client (for Windows or Mac OS X) to sync with a local directory, or clone your repostitory by hand.

Enter the console in the WooCommerce fork directory and run the following commands to add extra sources:
git remote add upstream git://

Merge upstream with the current working directory
git fetch upstream
git merge upstream/master

And put it all online:
git push origin master