PhpStorm and Git on Windows

To use Git under Windows on JetBrains PHPStorm you`ll need to install the Git for Windows Client first.
This file can be found at


PowerPack to switch from GitHub to Bitbucket

As a test I`ve decided to try Bitbucket instead of GitHub to host PowerPack.

The old path was:
The new path is:



PhpStorm and Subversion on Windows

To use Subversion (SVN) under Windows on JetBrains PHPStorm 7, 8 and 9 you`ll need to install the Subversion Client  1.8.x from CollabNet first.
This can be found at

After installing the client, go to File –> Settings –> Version Control  –> Subversion
And set the path to C:\Program Files\CollabNet\Subversion Client\svn.exe   or whatever path you have installed the client in to.


Forking WooCommerce on GitHub

First fork WooCommerce to one of your channels through

Use the GitHub client (for Windows or Mac OS X) to sync with a local directory, or clone your repostitory by hand.

Enter the console in the WooCommerce fork directory and run the following commands to add extra sources:
git remote add upstream git://

Merge upstream with the current working directory
git fetch upstream
git merge upstream/master

And put it all online:
git push origin master