Security should be silent

I hear and see a lot of people talking about the programs, tools and strategies they use for digital security. For safety you should actually keep this to yourself and tell others on a need-to-know basis.

My favorite iOS 8 Apps

Nearly twentyfour hours since iOS 8 has been  released, my personal favorite iOS 8 apps / updates at this time of writing are

  • OneNote 2.4
  • Pocket 5.6
  • Amazon 4.2
  • Dropbox 3.4
  • Kindle 4.5

Ubuntu Linux Kernel 3.16 installation guide

This short walkthrough describes how to install the Ubuntu linux kernel 3.16 on Ubuntu Linux (server and  client) without compiling.

This guide should work with the latest version of Ubuntu Linux and most Ubuntu-based distributions including Mint. The included kernel files have been compiled using the generic Ubuntu configuration.

Installation Guide (GUI)

  1. Download the kernel headers package:
  2. And the appropriate package for your system
  3. And the accompanying compiled kernel image
  4. Install the files in the same order as downloaded above. So first install the headers (2 files) and finally the image (1 file).
  5. In the terminal run:
    sudo update-grub
  6. Reboot and select the kernel from the bootloader menu

I will post the latest version of the 3.16 branch and 3.17 release candidates in comments below.