Using Microsoft Excel on multiple monitors

Open the first file in Excel and drag the window to the monitor where you want to view that file.

Press the Shift Key and click the Excel Taskbar icon to open a second instance of Excel. Position that new window onto the other monitor. Use File/Open to open the second file in that window.

My WordPress plugins Q2-2015 update

this season I will delete several of my WordPress plugins from the plugin repository.
The reason is that some of these plugins were made for Internet explorer 6-9, which were ,mostly used on windows XP. Since XP is no longer supported, and the plugins haven’t been updated for years I’ve decided to abandon them.

The following plugins are no more:


I also added the support forms to my daily notification this. This means when someone posts a question about one of my plugins, I will get notified. I aim to respond within 2 days. In the past most messages were never seen. On the other hand, I will decrease my support when you send me an email.