The Future of jQuery Updater for WordPress

jQuery Updater was one of the very first WordPress plugin I`ve wrote, and was released in April 2011. During that time jQuery was hot.
My plugin allowed users to use an updated version of jQuery, either bugfix release or minor release not originally bundled with WP.

Nowadays jQuery`s releases are ocasionaly, with the last one 10 months ago. This means the plugin hasn`t been updated for the same time.

Also the userbase of my jQuery Updater for WordPress plugin is shrinking.
WordPress 4.9 comes standard bundled with jQuery 1.12.4
Using jQuery 2 or 3 with this version will surely cause issues with the WP bundles scripts.
This directly leads to low star ratings and bad reviews.

Several years ago I started a branch to increase the functionality and add a user interface to the plugin. By now nothing more happend to the source code than a lot of placeholders and unfinished items.

All this together with my lack of time, I`ve decided to halt further development of the plugin until further notice.
This means I will do minor patches within jQuery 3, but without significant changes to the plugin other than updates.

jQuery Updater 3.0 for WordPress

Today I`ve finished laying the engine foundation for jQuery Updater for WordPress 3.0
The release of jQuery 3.0.0 alpha 1 triggered me to swap from 2.1.4-beta to 3.0.0-alpha but I`m happy with it. The plugin`s engine got completely rewritten and includes some code that I used to maintain seperatly as a plugin; jQuery Mobile, but also includes jQuery UI and QUnit.

The source can be found at 

The final release, will be done after several public alpha`s and beta`s which include an administration panel.

Current State of jQuery Updater

Roughly a year ago I`ve set the planning for jQuery Updater for WordPress in the post Development Progress of jQuery Updater for WordPress and made a note on the 3.0 release jQuery Updater for WordPress 3.0

This morning I`ve finally got Unit Testing (PHPUnit) and Code Quality up and running. This is powered by Travis CI and Scrutnizer. The development chat is hosted on Slack whereas the source code is still on GitHub. Most functions now also feature a PHPDoc block.

The development release is in the master branch and the latest production in stable.

jQuery Updater for WordPress 3.0

With an announcement for the plans of jQuery (Compat) 3.0 I decided to bump the development version of jQuery Updater for WordPress to 3.0 aswel.

The current development is known as 3-dev. This version also included jQuery Mobile and jQuery UI. This version also contains an administration screen, as created in 2-dev.
The latest stable release is the master
The next-gen 2.0 branch is known as 2-dev. This version contains an administration screen.