Playing DSD in Foobar2000

For this you need:

  1. Soundcard which can decode DSD (like Creative Sound Blaster AE series)
  2. Foobar2000 software on Windows


    1. foo_out_asio
    2. foo_input_sacd
    3. foo_dsd_converter

Restart foobar2000 after installing the 4 extensions (foo_input_sacd contains 2)

File –> Preferences –> Playback –> Audio –> Device

Set to: DSD: ASIO: Creative SB/SBX AE series ASIO (or soundcard)

Playback –> Output Format –> select 32-bit

Tools –> SACD –> Set Output mode to DSD

DSD processor: None

Playing MQA audio on a PC using Foobar2000

To play MQA audio files on a computer with  Foobar2000 as playback software you need hardware which supports MQA decoding.


  • MQA capable decoder with installed ASIO drivers


If you have an ASIO supporting soundcard: Select your soundcard with the ASIO protocol as playback device.

Else: Select your soundcard with the ASIO protocol as playback device. In Windows Audio Settings, disable all playback enhancing methods

Essential Foobar2000 components (summer 2016 update)

To enhance my Foobar2000 music player I use the following components (plugins or extensions if you like).
This is an update for my earlier post Essential Foobar2000 plugins (update)