Playing DSD in Foobar2000

For this you need:

  1. Soundcard which can decode DSD (like Creative Sound Blaster AE series)
  2. Foobar2000 software on Windows


    1. foo_out_asio
    2. foo_input_sacd
    3. foo_dsd_converter

Restart foobar2000 after installing the 4 extensions (foo_input_sacd contains 2)

File –> Preferences –> Playback –> Audio –> Device

Set to: DSD: ASIO: Creative SB/SBX AE series ASIO (or soundcard)

Playback –> Output Format –> select 32-bit

Tools –> SACD –> Set Output mode to DSD

DSD processor: None

One thought on “Playing DSD in Foobar2000

  1. Doesn’t work with ae-7. Unrecoverable playback error: Sample rate of 176400 Hz not supported by this device.
    PCM 96000 works fine. But no DSD.

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