Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Plus custom installation

If you – like me – want to have a customized / minimalized installation of Office 2016, read on

The trick is to use Microsoft Office ProPlus Install Toolkit,
At the left bottom choose:  Tools –> Install Toolkit

Download and install the tool, and ofcourse run it

From the start screen of the application, select: Manage your local Office 365 ProPlus installation
Under Products, select 32 or 64 bits and yes/no for Project and Visio
Under download, select current (for latest stable release)
On updates, enable
Under options, enable Display Level
On local, choose install

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Plus custom installation

  1. Why would anybody in their right mind want to soil their hands (or their computer come to that) with Microsoft Office (or any Microsoft product in fact) when there is LibreOffice (or Apache OpenOffice, or Calligra, if you prefer)?

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