WordPress 2.8 Themes Cookbook

Somewhere in april Packt Publishing will release the WordPress 2.8 Themes Cookbook.
I will be reviewing this book on my website.

The book is writing for WordPress developers and webmasters who want to learn how to create custom themes for their site/blog. It`s recommended to have experience with WordPress and HTML/CSS before you start with the book.

What you will learn from this book

  • Enhance your page templates, optimize the use of images, and add effects to them
  • List your pages, categories, and tags on a blog and create navigation
  • Stylize your posts to make them look interesting
  • Display, format, and tweak the comment system to attract the visitors
  • Add sophistication to your dynamic web site using popular JavaScript libraries
  • Package and distribute your theme using the WordPress.org theme repository
  • Display auxiliary information about the post being displayed using dynamic sidebars
  • Empower your end users to change the contents displayed in the theme‚Äôs sidebar without involving a programmer
  • Change the style of your theme depending upon image content and time

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