Merging gmap3 and Processing.js into PowerPack

In addition to my in july announced plugin mergers (see post: Abandoning many WordPress plugins) I would like to give an update.

Today I decided that both Processing.js for WordPress and gmap 3 for WordPress will not be supported starting 1-1-2017. It`s functionality will be included into PowerPack.

Modernizr for WordPress will follow later, after the 3.1 release, but likely before WordPress 4.8

Abandoning many WordPress plugins

Starting 1 October 2016 (Q4), I will fully focus on Powerpack, jQuery Updater v2 and another 3 minor plugins.

Most of these plugins will be included in Powerpackm which on release will even include more features.
All plugins will receive a final readme update, stating that I make sure it is fully compatible with WordPress versions up to 4.6 (which will release in August 2016), but no more support will be given. All users are recommended to use Powerpack  if they want to keep on receiving support.

The plugins which will be abandoned and integrated into PowerPack  are:

I will be still working on:

How-To Install WP-CLI on shared hosting (updated)

This is the second update version of How-To Install WP-CLI on shared hosting and How-To Install WP-CLI on shared hosting 2. This guide has been tested and is working for my provider and WP-CLI 0.22.0

rm -rf ~./wp-cli
cd ~.
mkdir wp-cli
cd ~./wp-cli
curl -sS | php
alias composer='php composer.phar'
composer create-project wp-cli/wp-cli --no-dev
curl -O
php wp-cli.phar --info
alias wp='php ~./wp-cli/wp-cli.phar'