My Graded Browser Support for Q3 2011


Since there is no update for Yahoo`s YUI Graded Browser Support in Q2 I`ve made my own list:


  • Firefox 4
  • Firefox 5
  • Safari 5
  • Safari for iOS 4
  • Internet Explorer 9
  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Google Chrome 11
  • Google Chrome 12
  • WebKit for Android OS 2.2
  • WebKit for Android OS 3.0

Microsoft and HTML5 Video


Yesterday microsoft announced in this post that:

  • IE9 will support H.264.
  • Microsoft released an add-on for Firefox on Windows to support H.264
  • Microsoft will release a plugin for  Google Chrome on Windows to provide support for H.264.
  • Support will be provided for IE9 users who want to play WebM

What does this mean?

Why Google doesn`t want to use H.264 in Chrome – Microsoft will make a workaround.
With this workaround and WebM support I forsee a good future for H.264  and WebM.

Personally- at this moment  – I haven`t made a choice of codec yet. Maybe after reading the HTML5 Video ook, which I will be reviewing next week!