Essential Foobar2000 components (summer 2016 update)

To enhance my Foobar2000 music player I use the following components (plugins or extensions if you like).
This is an update for my earlier post Essential Foobar2000 plugins (update)

Essential Foobar2000 plugins (update)

This post is an update for my 5 year old post Essential Foobar2000 plugins.

This is my list of recommended Foobar2000 plugins:


Playing SACD and DSD with Foobar2000

To be able to play Super-Audio-CD (SACD)  and DSD files using Foobar2000 you will need to install the following three plugins:

  1. foo_asio
  2. foo_input_sacd
  3. foo_dsd_asio

After installing these 3 you`ll have to restart Foobar2000 and you`re done.

Essential Foobar2000 plugins


If you use Foobar2000 there are several plugins I really recommend to check out: