CPT protection

If you want to protect a custom post type (CPT) in WordPress to be only available to logged-in users or make sure they login.

function some_func( $query ){
if ( is_post_type_archive('nieuwsbrief') && !is_user_logged_in() ) {
// Do stuff
wp_redirect('/wp-login.php'); }

Development Progress of jQuery Updater for WordPress

Today I`ve started working on my jQuery Updater for WordPress plugin.

Step 1: moving to GitHub

First step was linking Subversion and Git, which was a hell

Step 2: decide workflow

The second step is deciding the workflow: tools and rules. I decided to skip Grunt and Vagrant for now, since the code isn`t going to be rocket science.
I use phpDoc for documenting the PHP code and GitHub as project management (issues, milestones).

This setup will do fine for now!

Step 3: project management

Making a roadmap, with issues, features and prioritising all that I want before I start working and losing grip on the project.

Step 4: work

Starting with cleaning up code followed by creating space for new features. Leaving the hardest bits for the last. Although this isn`t ideal it makes future  development a whole lot easier.

Want to help?

The project is located on GitHub at github.com/Ramoonus/jQuery-Updater