Ubuntu Linux kernel 5.11 installation guide

This installation guide describes how to install Linux Kernel 5.11.0 on Ubuntu Linux. This works with the latest version of Ubuntu Linux and most Ubuntu-based distributions including Kubuntu and Mint. The included kernel files have been compiled using the generic Ubuntu configuration. A low latency version is also available in the directory of the linked files.

This post is an update of “Ubuntu Linux kernel 5.10 installation guide

The ARM HF build failed so more luck next time.

Which version do you need? The same as the current installed OS
In the terminal run: uname -a

Quick selection guide:

  • AMD64 Most current computers
  • ARM 64: ARMv8 CPUs
  • ARM HF: ARMv7 CPUs

The files can be found at  kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v5.10/

    1. Download the kernel headers package:
    2. And the appropriate headers package for your system
    3. and the kernel image
    4. And the kernel modules

Install the files in the same order as downloaded above

In the terminal run: sudo update-grub

Reboot and select the kernel from the bootloader menu


Playing DSD in Foobar2000

For this you need:

  1. Soundcard which can decode DSD (like Creative Sound Blaster AE series)
  2. Foobar2000 software on Windows


    1. foo_out_asio
    2. foo_input_sacd
    3. foo_dsd_converter

Restart foobar2000 after installing the 4 extensions (foo_input_sacd contains 2)

File –> Preferences –> Playback –> Audio –> Device

Set to: DSD: ASIO: Creative SB/SBX AE series ASIO (or soundcard)

Playback –> Output Format –> select 32-bit

Tools –> SACD –> Set Output mode to DSD

DSD processor: None

Sound Blaster Command for Windows

Slightly hidden from sight, on 11 January 2021 Creative released new drivers and SBC software for the following soundcards:

  • Sound BlasterX G6
  • Sound BlasterX AE-5
  • Sound BlasterX AE-5 Plus
  • Sound Blaster X3
  • Sound Blaster G3
  • Sound Blaster AE-9
  • Sound Blaster AE-7
  • Sound Blaster AE-9PE
  • Sound Blaster Z
  • Sound Blaster Zx
  • Sound Blaster ZxR
  • Sound Blaster Z SE

This file can be found at Creative Worldwide Support – Sound Blaster Z SE

Bash 5.1 installation for Linux

This post will explain how to install the Bourne-Again-Shell version 5.1 for Linux (and Unix), independend of the CPU architecture. 
I expect you to have the common build tools already installed. 

This post is an update of Bash 5.0 installation for Linux


wget http://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/bash/bash-5.1.tar.gz

tar xf bash-5.0.tar.gz

cd bash-5.1


sudo make install

and finally, to run sh