Installing ICC color profiles on Windows

On a Windows computer, color profiles in ICS and WCS format are stored at C:\Windows\system32\spool\drivers\color

There are 3 major players in the color profiles industry:

Both offer their own presets and depending on the industry you work in, you need different profiles.
Common profiles include:

  • ICC: sRGB
  • ICC: ProPhotoRGB (known as ROMM RGB)
  • Adobe: AdobeRGB

Standard sRGB is installed  on your device. To install other profiles, download them from their respective developer.
Install by either copying to the directory mentioned above or by right-clicking and select install profile.




Ubuntu Linux kernel 4.18 installation guide

This installation guide describes how to install Linux Kernel 4.18 on Ubuntu Linux. This works with the latest version of Ubuntu Linux and most Ubuntu-based distributions including Kubuntu and Mint.

The included kernel files have been compiled using the generic Ubuntu configuration. A low latency version is also available in the directory of the linked files.

This post is an update of “Ubuntu Linux kernel 4.17 installation guide

The files can be found at

Installation Guide (GUI)

Playing MQA audio on a PC using Foobar2000

To play MQA audio files on a computer with  Foobar2000 as playback software you need the following:


  • MQA capable decoder with installed ASIO drivers


  • SACD plugin: foo_input_sacd
  • Foobar ASIO plugin
  • Optional: ASIOProxyInstall

If you have an ASIO soundcard: Select your soundcard with the ASIO protocol as playback device.

Else: Select your soundcard with the ASIO protocol as playback device. In Windows Audio Settings, disable all playback enhancing methods

Resisting Gutenberg

Although I`ve tried to resist Gutenberg for months, today is the day I switch over. This post is the first I wrote in Gutenberg and possibly not the last. 

With the same resistance I had when using the Windows Vista. 7, 8 and 10 menu I tried to ignore Gutenberg because it`s different and I think it was going to impact my performance.

For others who are used to the classic editor and want a site that functions just as in the past it`s different. Not everybody is good in adapting to new software. Luckily for those people there is the Classic Editor Plugin