Quakenet Bot messages in a new window

This script places the Quakenet bots in a separate window.
Works only for the Q, L, O and S bots and using mIRC.

n ^*:notice:*:?:{
if ($nick == o) {
if (broadcast !isin $1-) { haltdef }
if ($query(o) == $null) { query O }
echo -t o <O> $1-
elseif ($nick == q) {
if (broadcast !isin $1-) { haltdef }
if ($query(q) == $null) { query Q }
echo -t q <Q> $1-
elseif ($nick == l) {
if (broadcast !isin $1-) { haltdef }
if ($query(l) == $null) { query L }
echo -t l <L> $1-
elseif ($nick == s) {
if (broadcast !isin $1-) { haltdef }
if ($query(s) == $null) { query S }
echo -t s <S> $1-

Emotes and extras

Just a bunch of emotes for channels along with a few extra`s.

on *:TEXT:!hug:#:/describe $chan hugs $nick
on *:TEXT:!hug *:#:/describe $chan sees: $nick hugs $2-
on *:TEXT:!slap:#:/describe $chan slaps $nick around a bit with a large trout
on *:TEXT:!slap *:#:/describe $chan sees: $nick slaps $2-
on *:TEXT:!curse:#:/describe $chan Yells at $nick : Avada Kedavra!
on *:TEXT:!curse *:#:/describe $chan sees: $nick Yells "Avada Kedavra!" at $2-
on *:TEXT:!kiss:#:/describe $chan kisses $nick cause $nick made him do it
on *:TEXT:!kiss *:#:/describe $chan sees: $nick kisses $2- !
on *:TEXT:!loveya *:#:/describe $chan sees: $nick loves $2-
on *:TEXT:!order *:#:/describe $chan gives $nick $2-
on *:TEXT:!snog *:#:/describe $chan sees: $nick snogs $2-
on *:TEXT:!g2g:#:/describe $chan waves goodbye to $nick
on *:TEXT:!bye *:#:/describe $chan sees: $nick waves goodbye to $2-
on *:TEXT:!nick:#:/msg $chan $nick : You can change your nickname by typing: /nick new nick
on *:TEXT:!register:#:/msg $chan $nick : You can register your nickname by typing: /msg nickserv register Password Email
on *:TEXT:!identify:#:/msg $chan $nick : You can identify your nickname by typing: /msg nickserv identify Nick Password
on *:TEXT:!trout:#:/describe $chan gives $nick a trout, so you can eat it, or slap with it :-P
on *:TEXT:!ignore:#:/msg $chan $nick : You can ignore user by typing: /ignore nickname
on *:TEXT:!unignore:#:/msg $chan $nick : You can unignore user by typing: /ignore -r nickname
on *:TEXT:!drop:#:/msg $chan $nick : You can drop/unregister your nickname by typing: /msg nickserv drop
on *:TEXT:!help:#:/msg $chan $nick : Help Commands: !nick !register !identify !ignore !unignore !drop
on *:mode:#:/notice $me $nick changed $chan mode to $1-
on *:TEXT:!time:#:/msg $chan $nick : The time is now $time !
on *:TEXT:!Hi5:#:/describe $chan hi-fives $nick
on *:TEXT:!Hi5 *:#:/describe $chan sees: $nick hi-fives $2-
on *:TEXT:!kill:#:/describe $chan kill $nick
on *:TEXT:!kill *:#:/describe $chan sees: $nick kills $2- "that wasn't nice $nick !" *calls 911*

on *:TEXT:$($me):#:{
/msg $chan $nick

Backwards typing script

To use:
/backwards channel/nick Your Text Here

/Backwards {
inc %var.back 1
if (%var.back > $len($2-)) { msg $1 %var.backwards | unset %var.back* | halt }
set %var.back.right $right($2-,%var.back)
set %var.back.left $left(%var.back.right,1)
if (%var.back.left == $chr(32)) { set %var.backwards $addtok(%var.backwards,$chr(32),32) | goto start }
set %var.backwards %var.backwards $+ %var.back.left
goto start


People can order things by typing in a channel:
!order what-you-want

If !order has no product after it then gives a list:

on 1:TEXT:!order:#:{
/msg $chan Ram`s bar, today opened from 9:00 till 23:00. Our full list is send to $nick in private.
/msg $nick Drinks: Capacino, Coffee, Tea, Sprite, Fanta, Fanta Cassis,
/msg $nick and if your above 21 (Yes we`re not for kids) we also have: Beer, Wine, Bacardi (Breezers, Cola)
/msg $nick Snacks: Crisps,
/msg $nick Dinner: Pizza, Fries, Hamburger
/msg $nick Toilet is free to visit. There also a condom automat if needed;-)

on 1:TEXT:!order *:#:/describe $chan gives $nick $2-

MSN Messenger Stats for mIRC

alias MSNstats {
.comopen msn Messenger.UIAutomation
if ($comerr) { return ERR }
var %a = $com(msn,MyStatus,2)
var %b = $com(msn).result
var %a = $com(msn,MyFriendlyName,2)
var %c = $com(msn).result
var %a = $com(msn,MySigninName,2)
var %d = $com(msn).result
var %a = $com(msn,MyServiceName,2)
var %e = $com(msn).result
.comclose msn
if (%b == 1) { var %b = Offline }
elseif (%b == 2) { var %b = Online }
elseif (%b == 6) { var %b = Invisible }
elseif (%b == 10) { var %b = Busy }
elseif (%b == 14) { var %b = Be Right Back }
elseif (%b == 18) { var %b = Idle }
elseif (%b == 34) { var %b = Away }
elseif (%b == 50) { var %b = On the Phone }
elseif (%b == 66) { var %b = Out for Lunch }
if (%b == offline) {
$iif($1 == -e,echo,msg $1) MSN Messenger: Currently Offline! }
else {
$iif($1 == -e,echo,msg $1) MSN Messenger: [Nickname: %c $+ ] [E-mail: %d $+ ] [Service Provider: %e $+ ] [Status: %b $+ ] }

To use type: /msnstats Nick/Channel