HP Pavilion s7000 series slimline pc upgrade part 2

In my previous post (2014) HP Pavilion s7000 series slimline pc upgrade – i`ve updated an HP S7000 series slimline pc with a intel celeron 1037 motherboard. Now roughly 5 years later the machine is back for some smaller changes. Since the current value is getting lower and lower, I`m only making changes to make the system better for as little money as possible.

The price of SSDs has gone very low, eSATA is dead, the original WiFi card medieval (54 mbit/s) and the harddisk loud.

First step is replacing the 3.5 inch harddisk with a 2.5 inch SATA connected SSD and mounting a 3.5 to double 2.5 inch frame.
Another possibility is a 3.5 inch hybrid disk.

Second step is changing the 200 W flex ATX cpu by a PicoPSU. This reduces both noise and power consumption. Since the 1037U CPU has a TDP of 17 W I aim for a 80-100 W PSU.
The choice of 3 PicoPSU`s is possible:

  • PicoPSU-80
  • M3-ATX-HV Automotive
  • PicoPSU-80-WI-32

Third step is changing the wifi card to an up-to-date wifi card. The housing has space for one PCI Express card, either a videocard (GPU) or this networkcard. The additional benefit of a brand new network card is the bluetooth 4 (or 5) support.

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  1. Hi, I just recently acquired an HP Pavilion s7700n. I have all the Oem parts except the dvd drive and power supply have been replaced. I finally got an Visiontek ATI Radeon X1300 half height PCI card and I am having so much trouble to get the system to use the card as it’s primary GPU. I have all the correct drivers, I’m running on windows vista, I just can’t seem to get it running. But the system does recognize the card, it’s listed as the x1300 in the device manager, but it says it’s drivers are incompatible with the VGA adapter for this system. I have no idea what that means. I’m still in the process of updating this an trying to get this PCI card run. I want to make this my retro PC and have something small I can carry around and use for old games I never got to play in the past. This is a fun but stressful project for me and I just wanted your input or take on this.

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