My Favourite World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth addons (8.0)

Today I will tell you about my favourite World of Warcraft user addons, all Battle for Azeroth (8.x) compatible and up-to-date.
In this post I explain which Add-ons I use and why.

To download addons visit and install according to the explainations there.

This post is a follow-up of

Addon Control Panel

This addon allows you to enable/disable addons ingame.


Shows your inventory as one big bag


Allows the use of Xbox controllers

Deadly Boss Mods

Extra information in dungeons and raids.


Markers on the map

InFlight Taxi Timer

Shows how long a flight takes (min:sec)


Compact raid GUI


Assistance for Garison missions (since 6.0)


to choose the best item when you make/loot something


Enhanced inbox, perfect for auction house work


Damage/thread meter, for in dungeons/raids

Scrap (junk  seller)

Title says it all, sell grey/white items

Titan Panel

GUI extension with top bar where you can have addons and extra information


Since the release of TSM 4 I`m deprecating Auctioneer.

Z-Perl Unit Frames

In the past I used X-Perl Unit Frames, since that is abandoned I use this for a simple GUI


  • LibShareMedia-3.0
  • Ace3

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