How-To run the Sims 3 on Windows 8 (64 bits)

If you – like me – would like to run The Sims 3 on Windows 8, you will notice it won`t start.

This is easily fixed by applying the latest official patch to the game, which is TS3_1.42.130.0190xx_update.exe and can be downloaded by clicking the link.
After appplying this patch The Sims 3 will start!

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  1. Well, I already have this update and my game still would not run. First, when it run the graphic was awful saying that it can;t find my hardware device and my graphic card. Now it just won’t start from the launcher. I click the play button and nothing happens…

      • Try Compatibility Mode.

        1)Find the icon, right click on it. Select properties.
        2) Choose compatibility tab.
        3) check the box allowing compatibility mode to run.
        4) Either troubleshoot for compatibility. I’ve heard Windows 7 runs it well,

        Good luck~

      • Hi, I tried the update and also tried changing the compatibility, but it still won’t launch. I can get as far as the launcher, but then it will not play. Is there anything else I can try? Thanks! 🙂

  2. hello I need some help I brought a new laptop on windows 8 it wont install my sims 3 game I was told in the shop to download a patch. because it says error I/o and cyclic redundancy check can some one please help me.

  3. I have a new laptop with windows 8 64 bit.
    I bought the sims 3 and tried to install it, and it would not run. Nothing happened when I inserted the disc.
    I downloaded the patch but when the patch said I must have a version of the Sims 3 installed to use the patch.
    Can you help?

      • No, I cannot install it because when I insert the disc nothing happens.

      • I have this very same problem. it is doing my nutt in and i do not wish to re buy the games again.
        The game will not load to even begin installing, the patch here says it needs the game installed….. catch 22!

    • I had the same problem. Luckily I had a friend who was computer savvy and told be that it wasn’t working because the auto launch wasn’t doing its thing automatically. I had to go into my File Explorer, click on the disc (which then showed me all of the ins and outs of the sims files) and double click “Autorun” that started the installation for me. Hope this helps!

  4. Thank you so very much!!! Can t even say if it´s playing – to install all add ons it needs one evening 🙂 But as I am getting my new windows 8 laptop ready, I tried it with SIMS, and it wouldnt even open – saying: launcher is defect. So I couldnt even update it. But after installing your above named file it worked ! So – tomorrow I will know if it plays – if not, I am coming back here and scream for help *g* Laptop has such a good graphic card with own 2 GB own memory, and 8 GB RAM, so I am looking so much forward to play SIMS (old laptop was pretty lame). Thanks again!

  5. Oh my gosh! For Christmas I had gotten a new laptop with Windows 8 and when I insert the Sims 3 in the slot and install it whenever it’s done installing it says it cannot install it so I’m trying the update link and I hope it works! 🙂

  6. I bought a windows 8 laptop 2 days ago and got around to installing the sims 3. I have the same problem in in terms of it installs but wont run. I am downloading the patch but what do I do to apply the patch?

  7. it finally finished and then i cant even install it since i have a newer patch then this one and i dont know how to uninstall patches!!

  8. Hi,
    I could install the game + the showtime expansion pack. As I open the game, it runs pretty slow… Also, after a city has load, everything is gray!

  9. Hi!
    I´ve bought a brand new HP with Windows 8, Im trying to install Sims 3´s startCD but it doesn´t work.
    I can see the “installationstaple” but after 10 hours it had not even reached the halfway. Surely it can not take more than a day to install? I just want to play now! Grateful for answers.

  10. go to dep compatibility then recomended settings then test it an it will work,dont try then to go on the desktop an click on the icon because it wont work

  11. I got, “The Install Version of the Application could not be determined. The setup will now terminate.” I have Windows 8 and I just downloaded The Sims 3 off of an Amazon download onto a brand new computer. 🙁 whats wrong with it!!

  12. OK, so, I have no problems running install. BUT, I do have a problem logging into my Sims3 account. I have windows 8, new laptop. Sims3 runs fine, but cannot login and download content that I have purchased in the past, (i.e., worlds, clothing, home improvement stuff), on the exchange nor in the store.

    I have nothing that blocks access to the site, same software setup as my desktop PC, only difference is OS running. HELP?

  13. Okay so ive got a windows 8 laptop and im sims mad do I even bother getting sims 3? ive heard that it doesn’t work?

  14. I bought the new HP with Windows 8 and downloaded all my sims 3 games and expansions just fine but when I go into the game and I’m in the town everything is black except some of the lots. It did say something after I downloaded the game but I accidentally clicked it to fast to read what it was.

  15. Ramoonus, thanks for replying.

    I have turned off my firewall for gameplay and turn back on when done playing. Recently, though, I found that I cannot rotate my world with the mouse wheel. Very frustrating.

  16. Heb de sims 3 en diverse uitbreidingen geïnstalleerd en het spel wil inderdaad niet openen. Nu heb ik de patch hier gedownload, maar die zegt dat deze versie al geïnstalleerd is en dat eerdere versies eerst verwijderd moeten worden.. Nu snap ik er officieel niets meer van.

  17. I have downloaded the sims 3 on my windows 8 pc, downloaded the patch all of which has taken over 24 hours and it still wont run….is there something im missing?

  18. Heyy :)) Could someone tell me how to run an unauthorized disc of sims 3 in windows 8 ? :(( I’ve been so desperate trying to know thattt 🙁

  19. i have had my windows 8 laptop for a while and my game and it has always worked until this morning now everytime i click on the button to open the launcher it starts loading then stops without doing or saying anything

  20. Here is my problem. I’ve had the sims on my computer for nearly a year, and its been working fine with windows 8 until this most recent patch, everything is updated and graphics card is compatible. When i start it up it’ll start but minimize itself(i have nothing running to interrupt it). I got through the tiring intro credits and video to the character selection/new game screen and it looks perfect but my towns and options do not show up. I’ve reinstalled the base and all the expansions, and I’ve tried the compatibility mode with Service 3(nothing happens).

  21. Hey I’ve installed the sims 3 on my windows 8 laptop.But it takes 7minutes to open the game.:(
    And also, how about cheat? Bcause I tried to use cheat on my windows 8 and it doesnt work, is there anyone who can tell me how to use it? Cause I’m really dissapointed and start to think to change my OS back to windows 7.

  22. I was thinking of buying the sims 3 I have 6.00 gb and 64 bit something haha and I was wondering if I could download the sims on this? As ive been told I need a really good laptop to do this

  23. I have a win 8, every time I do autorun for Sims 3 it comes up with a window that has a button to install and in the same spot it says powered by origin. I finally got origin to run on here but now when I click that install button it crashes and won’t install. I am out of ideas as to what is going on. What can i do to get this to work?

  24. hi i just bought the sims 3 for the pc and i tried to install it on my windows 8 computer but it doesn’t work. i tried to get the new patch and i made an origin account too nothing is working please help

  25. hi I got a windows 8 laptop vaio Sony and when I do my cd in my laptop it isn’t even
    gonna open and I can’t install when I’m clicking on it there’s standing ; the sims isn’t right answering.
    and you’re saying its working after installing the patch..
    but I can’t install.

  26. um so i installed all the expansion packs that i have for sims3 but when i open the sims 3 it says “there was an error during start up please see log for more info” helpppp what do i do!?

  27. I have Windows 8 and and have only gotten as far as downloading Origin but then it doesn’t let me log into Origin ( my username/ email – password are correct, because I can log into their website) But the launcher just keeps saying unknown error so I cant even get my game to download. Any ideas?

  28. hello, I have samsung laptop. windows 8 ang 64 bit. Its a gaming laptop so I suppose I passed all the system requirements. I installed sims 3 but then the game said that theres a problem with my graphics and video card. It said that sims3 didnt detect my vidcard etc. (i cant remember exactly wat it said) I didnt pay attention to it because I thought it waas nothing but then after creating my sims when I was going to put it to a house the screen shows gray glitching stuff. you can say that there ae houses because of the outline shape of the gray stuff. I cannot see anything at all. can you help me fix this?
    the spec of my laptop:

    graphics: AMD Radeon™ HD 8870M (PowerExpress)
    AMD Radeon™ HD 8770M (PowerExpress)
    AMD Radeon™ HD 8850M (PowerExpress)
    AMD Radeon™ HD 8750M (PowerExpress)
    Intel® HD Graphics (Internal)

  29. I just got a new windows 8 computer and inserted my Sims 3 disc to install. My computer gave me the options to either run or open and I chose run. Next, origin pops up and there is a button that says install so i clicked it. After that nothing happens.. I have tried several times.

  30. Hi Ramoonus.

    I bought a new Lenova with Window 8 already installed.

    I can install the Sims 3 and go in. after a while it crashes and states Sims 3 is not responding. I’ve gone through all sorts of blogs and done most of the stuff that other users state works for them. I downloaded the link above but get an error once I want to run the after the download……
    Popup with red X
    >SetupNew/setup.cpp (140)
    @Windows Vista Service Pac 0 (9200)
    IE Version: 9.10.9200.16580

    so if the error keeps saying vista, could you please post a link for Windows 8.

    The other thing is that my actual Sims 3 request an upgrade to patches/ 1605572737,
    which is higher than all the patches that all other blogs, including yours say that works.

    Any ideas please.

  31. Whenever I launch TS3 my screen just goes grey, but the music and everything works perfect.
    If anyone can tell me how to fix then very appreciated.

  32. I have a Gateway AMD Radeon HD 7310 and when I play my Sims 3 it cannot find a video card for the game. the background black except the houses and properties. It then freezes and stops working please help!

  33. Hey,there.I’m sure someone had this problem before but can someone plz help me?
    I got a new laptop Sony Vaio with 8GB Ram,installed all Sims 3 until Supernatural EP(except Katy Perry’s and Diesel’s).I get in the game normally but once i click on any world to play,it takes forever to load and in the end it gets stuck.I re-installed it but still nothing.Also about 3 times,a message popped up saying that my video card isn’t recognizable or something like that.What should i do?

  34. I have a Windows 8 laptop and bought a digital download of the The Sims 3 Starter Pack from Origins. The game is installed, but when I click play nothing happens.

  35. I have a windows 8 64 bit computer I installed origin but when I tried to install sims3
    it says its at 100% download but nothing is happening.

  36. I tried downloading the file but everytime I do it tells me I have to uninstall the previous Sims 3 update I have. Is that supposed to happen, should I uninstall that one and download this or should it not have that pop up?

  37. Hi Ramoonus, I just wanted to post a solution here that worked for me. I had Sims 3 on my Windows 8 64-bit PC months ago, but when I went to play recently I found that it would no longer work. When I clicked on the icon I would get the “thinking” circle for a few seconds and then nothing. I un-installed and re-installed and used your update and tried compatibility mode and every combination of these possible but it simply would not work. I then came across a post online that said to uninstall and then go in and manually delete every Sims 3 or EA file on my computer. That means in program files, as well as in my documents, and yes, any mods or anything you have on your computer pertaining to the sims 3. I thought this was a silly solution but I was at my wits end and willing to try anything. I re-installed the base game and used your update, and it worked! I am going to try loading the expansion packs on tonight but I don’t foresee any issues there.

    -Delete ALL Sims 3 and EA files and folders, every trace that it was ever installed
    -Re-install the base game
    -Apply the update above

    Hope this helps someone else that is desperate to play!

  38. Ive just brought the new hp laptop with windows 8. when I put the SSSims cd in it wont load, then when I go into my computer and auto load it will do that but it tells me to download origin. Well I did download it and it says I have to download it of there. I have read through the comments saying you have to change the compatible mode. there is no such thing when I open the properties. what do I dooo???

  39. i would also like to know that, because it would be a big help!
    maybe trie one expansion at a time and go from there?

  40. My father downloaded the sims 3 a few years ago (2011), on Vista. It worked well. Now I’ve got windows 8 on a new laptop and I wanted to install the same sims game that my father downloaded before. The sims does install and I can start up the game, but when the game is loaded, I can’t click on anything. There isn’t a button to, for example, make a new town, or to play, or anything else. My laptop meets the requirements to play the sims 3 on windows 8, so what’s the problem?

  41. I cant install it on my new laptop windws 8 64bits,
    this shows up when i tried the autorun

    Popup with red X
    >SetupNew/setup.cpp (140)
    @Windows Vista Service Pac 0 (7600)
    IE Version: 9.10.9200.16635

    when i tried this patch a message told me that i have to install the game first, but thats my problem I cant event install it, I already tried all the compatibiliti ways. Im triing with The Sims 3.

    Could you give me a tip please

  42. I just got a Gateway with Windows 8. Every time I click on the icon to open the launcher, it loads for a little while…and nothing. could it be my file? I really want to know how, if possible, to fix this!


  43. Everytime I try to open my sims launcher, it says “error during startup. Please see the log for more details

  44. I just got the new asus rog G750JH laptop with windows 8 64 bit and has the GEFORCE GTX 780m graphics card. Trying to install the sims 3. I got a few of the games installed but now i’m getting a window come up saying Must install the sims 3 before this expansion pack” which its installed and working fine. tried changing the base game to run as window 7 mode that didn’t work. I don’t know what patch I need or what to do can someone give me some detailed help please and thanks!

  45. Mine is launching but when it comes to the city i can see the houses but it is all white, please help

    I have an acer aspire, windows 8

  46. hi I was wondering if you could help me out..ive been working on this crap for 2 hrs and well just say shit aint easy to fix anymore.
    so I just bought a Toshiba a few months back with an AMD A8 Vision, quad core and Radeon graphics Windows 8
    so my issue is, when I put the disk into install the game , it don’t automatically start so I go in right click on the run file, hit run as an Admin. it sets me up to install and starts the whole process and even puts a short cut on the screen……but then! the short cut disappears and poof its like the game never installed…no traces of it on my PC I could find. do you know how I might be able to fix this??
    either way thanks for at least reading this
    ps im trying to run sims 3…no expansion packs

  47. so i have a new hp pavillion laptop a6 with radeon graphics windows 8 i’ve installed sims3 thru origin but the laucher wont open at all i’ve tried compatibility mode an it still wont open any idea how to get it work i have the same issue with burnout paradise

      • so i can get as far as the launcher i click play an nothing happens i have all the most update video drivers an stuff any idea how i can get it to work

        yes i have all the drivers installed i managed to get it to update an install the 2 expansions i have but when i click play on the launcher it just doesnt launch

  48. I got a new laptop for xmas and therefore want my sims games to be on it, but as I no longer have my sims 3 CD it won’t let me play a later version (as I have an expansion pack), is there a way to transfer the game from my old computer to my new one, so I don’t have to purchase the whole thing again?

  49. Hi I got a windows 8 pc and I got the sims 3 installed on it already but I got a aexpansion pack “The sims 3 seasons” but I inserted the disk but nothing would pop up, What should I do???

  50. Alright everyone here’s step by step instructions to fix the problem:
    (I had to break it up into multiple posts due to a glitch on this page.)

    1. Insert Sims 3 disk.
    2. Go to my computer>C: (sims 3, you’ll see the icon)
    *if an error message comes up that says something along the lines of “driver cannot be found” go to your auto play settings (start>auto play) and turn auto play on for software (“install or run from your media”) then re-insert disk.
    3. Follow instructions for install, and repeat 1. And 2. For expansion packs.
    4. Run game, if it runs properly then congrats, but if not:
    5. If there is an error message stating that video card cannot be found right-click the sims icon and select ‘properties’ then go to compatibility tab and check box to run compatibility for>windows 7.
    *your graphics should now be normal but if they are still very poor quality/high quality and lagging go to the options menu within the game and adjust graphics.
    6. Sometimes after the first few times of playing the icon will just stop working, it’s a problem with the launcher. Right click the sims icon (you can also do this from my computer>desktop) select ‘open file location’ it will bring you to a list of sims information. Beside the main icon (“sims3launcher”) it says application, that’s the type of information it is. Below it is a string of letters and numbers that read “TS3EP05” it’s listed as an application as well. Right-click and select “create a shortcut” you will get a message asking if you want to put the shortcut on the desktop. The launcher for this works so when you want to play sims double click this icon.
    *you may need to repeat #5 if you used the alternative shortcut.

  51. Thank you so much Ramoonus 🙂 My launcher wouldn’t even work before. After the patch you provided, everything is working great! I love you!!! <3

  52. okay so I have the base game installed and I tried to do the compatibility thing but it didn’t work and when I opened up my launcher it said runtime error or something like that and I don’t know what to do, please help.

  53. I have a new HP windows 8 laptop. I am trying to download the sims 3 deluxe. I got the sims 3 and the sims 3 ambitions downloaded, but everytime I try to open the game launch to play either of them it says “Your The Sims 3 Base Game is incompatible with the current Sims 3 expansion pack. Please update your game via the game launcher. When I open the game launcher to update it just sits there and wont let me click on anything. When I move the mouse over anything clickable it just has the “thinking” sign. So I sit there trying to let it load or something and it does absolutely nothing. So I got on here and starting reading. I downloaded the patch, but I guess it didn’t do the trick. HELP

  54. I have a windows 8 laptop and downloaded the Sims 3 from a disc onto it, it worked perfectly for nearly a month then when I went on to the origin launcher last week the Sims 3 wasn’t there at all. The Sims 3 folder is still on my computer and nothing is missing, I have tried installing the game again but it won’t let me as it keeps saying that the product code has already been used. Any help please? Thank you!

  55. I’m having issues updating my sims 3 base game on Windows 8.1 on an HP Pavilion laptop. I click yes to the update but it never loads because an error message pops up asking me if I want to stop or continue with the script. I am currently downloading your patch, but is this a problem I can fix by changing a setting somewhere on my computer’s control panel or should I be able to continue with the downloaded patch? Error message says:

    Error:Object doesn’t support property or method ‘SetProgress’
    Do you want to continue running scripts on this page?

    (Message returns no matter what I choose!)

  56. The issue I’m having is opposite of everyone elses. I don’t want to use Origin to download the game because I have the disc right here, but it won’t let me download it from the disc, it only lets have the option of origin. I’ve tried everything.

  57. Hi my sims game won’t even let me on the launcher and the autorun button won’t work. I tried playing it just after installing some mods and cc so I TRIED UNINSTalling them and playing my game but no luck so I tried your suggestion but just after wizard shield completes it’s loading thing a little notification comes up saying “The installed version of the application could not be determined. The Process will now be terminated” and no one on the internet seems to have had the same problem so I am getting very desperate. Please help!!

  58. Hey :p I have a lenovo win 8 computer, 8GB ram and i7 blah blah processor.Every time I try to run the game it loads to the home screen fine, then I select a town to play and the game just crashes with “the sims 3 has stopped working, windows is looking for a solution” right before it finishes loading.

    I have tried putting all the exes into DEP and running it under compatibility mode. I also shut down the anti-virus programs to not interfere with the game. I also used the 4GB memory patch for the 32-bit game. NOTHING HAS WORKED. I AM VERY TIRED OF WAITING FOR THE GAME TO LOAD FOR SO LONG ONLY TO HAVE IT CRASH LAST MINUTE, PLEASE HELPPPPP 🙁

  59. I just bought a new pc, and The Sims 3 was running fine on Windows 8. I updated to Windows 8.1 and the newest patch on The Sims 3, and now my game won’t open. It will open the launcher, but not the game itself. I tried launching from the desktop, and from Origin. I can run other games fine, so I don’t know what the issue is. Any help would be appreciated. 🙂

  60. Im trying to install sims 3 from Origin to my new HP windows 8 laptop. The base game installs and runs fine, I have the newest patch on it already, but after installing Seasons the game wont run from the launcher directly OR from bypassing the launcher.

  61. I have a windows 8 computer and I went to reinstall the sims 3 base game but it took 5 day to install and when to blue bar got to 100% it did nothing, the game did not install. it just set there and said installing for another 5 ay until I Xed the tab out

  62. Currently, I am having problems with sims 3 and origins. When I got my windows 8 laptop for Christmas, I installed sims 3 and it ran perfectly, even when I installed supernatural (through disk) and generations (through origins) it ran perfectly. However, now when I want to install university, through origin, which I have done, I had to update it. Updated and tried to play. Managed to get the launcher up, through origin, but when I press the play button, the launcher goes and nothing happens. Uninstalled everything and started from scratch. Tested without and with update and base game runs smoothly. Installed the university and nothing now. I was wondering if it could be something to do with the actual origin file or..????? I don’t know what to do anymore.

    PS, when I first installed the sims 3 when it came out, I didn’t have to create an origins account.

    Please help.

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