Bye Bye Hyves, Bye Bye FourSquare

I have just deleted my hyves account (dated 2006) and FourSquare account (2009) .

Why I deleted my Hyves account:

  • Slow
  • Copies all ideas from Facebook
  • Facebook is better

Why I deleted my FourSquare account:

  • What`s the point of checking in?
  • Facebook Places

6 replies on “Bye Bye Hyves, Bye Bye FourSquare”

I could never figure out why people check in to a service that tells others that they’re not at home, especially when a quick whois on their personal domain can quite often get that home address…

You don’t need foursquare when you are in front of your computer, you need facebook.
When your aren’t in front of your computer you don’t need facebook.

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