Facebook is the future

I foresee a bright future for Facebook, why? Keep on reading.


On Hyves there is way too much advertisement on the homepage compared to FB and most of the time it has nothing to do with me. Facebooks advertisement is optimised on me and my interests and is therefore more interesting. Also it`s advertisement possibilities are much better.

The whole buzz (front page) idea is stolen from Facebook and it`s less than the original implementation. On FB its possible to eliminate spam caused by an app/plugin while on hyves you can only hide/delete users.

Hyves has less apps and barely any good games.Whereas on Facebook … You know what I mean.

More and more people I know are deleting their Hyves profile in favour of Facebook.


Last week I read an article about how many percent of the people are using geolocation sharing sites like foursquare. This percentage was about 4% of the online people.
With the release of HTML 5 and it`s Geolocation API it`s likely to see a change in the way geolocation sharing is used.

With the release of Facebook Places, in most countries, this percentage goes way up because everyone with a Facebook profile is able to use it without signing up. this also saves work in setting up the integration between several platforms. FourSquare tries to compensate this by using a Facebook login button on the site which makes it easier for Facebook users to use FourSquare.

The 4sq API is already integrated in much more devices and software than the FB Places API which is a major benefit.

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