Packt Publishing released the book “OpenX Ad Server: Beginner’s Guide” last week.

I`m very lucky to give you guys (and girls) with a review on my blog (this site, doh!) this month!
I`ve been using OpenX since 2006 to structure and organise online advertisement campaigns.

The books covers the following items:

  • Learn the essentials of online advertising from the advertiser and publisher points of view
  • Install and utilize OpenX Ad Server effectively to make your business run faster
  • Get to know the usage of all the campaign and banner types
  • Manage ad campaigns and banners on multiple web sites from a centralized platform
  • Display ads according to their importance and alter the under-performing ads easily and swiftly
  • Learn the most effective way to work with web site ad zones
  • Maximize your profits by selling your ad space on your blogs and web sites effectively
  • Take full advantage of GeoTargeting for generating maximum revenue by showing ads according to visitor origin
  • Utilize the channels to show relevant ads based on the content of web sites
  • Integrate Google AdSense and Amazon ads with your web sites using OpenX
  • Convert OpenX Ad Server into a multi-user ad management platform for advertisers, publishers, and ad agencies
  • Track the success of any ad campaign, banner or web site zone using detailed statistics, and reports

More information about the book can be found at

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