MySQL Connector for released

Sun released the MySQL Connector for version 1.0. This first general availability release.

The driver can be used in 3.1.1 and the upcoming 3.2 to connect to a MySQL server, versions 5.1+ server.

When using the MySQL Connector for, you have the following advantages over using the MySQL Connector/ODBC or MySQL Connector/J:

  • Easy installation through the Extension Manager
  • Seamless integration into
  • Work on multiple MySQL schemata (databases) simultaneously
  • Connect to MySQL servers using named pipes (Windows) or Sockets (Unix)
  • No need to go through an additional Connector installation routine (ODBC/JDBC)
  • No need to configure or register an additional connector (ODBC)
  • No need to install or configure a driver manager (ODBC)
  • No need for a Java Runtime Environment (JDBC)

The extension (for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris) can be found at

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