Airport Enhancement Services for FSXSE

This mini-guide explains how to install Aerosoft Airport Enhancement Services (AES) for Flight Simulator X – Steam Edition (FSXSE)

  1. Install Flight Simulator X – Steam Edition (FSXSE)
    If already installed: follow the guide in the patch notes below
  2. Download and install AES version 2.37
  3. Start FSX and start playing!

Also see the manual for AES


Patch Notes for 12 january 2015

The FSX:SE splash screen with show 62608 for the new version and the official version number is v10.0.62608.0.

• For new installs, we now provide default versions of dll.xml and exe.xml files to improve compatibility with existing add-ons.

Please note: Existing owners of FSX:SE will not get the dll.xml and exe.xml files automatically. We did not want to change them because we know that a lot of players have already modified them. If you would like the new versions of these files all you have to do is verify your files through Steam. You can do this by following these steps:

1. Load the Steam platform and log into your account
2. Click the Library tab in the menu at the top of the screen
3. Click the List View from the view options on the top right of the screen
4. Right click on Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition to bring up a popup menu
5. Click on Properties from the popup menu to bring up another popup box
6. Click on Local files from the popup box menu
7. Click on Verify integrity of game cache from the Local file options
8. Wait for the progress bar to finish verifying your files. Additional files may download
9. Restart Steam
10. Restart Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition

More WordPress Plugins removed

Today I`ve redrawn the following WordPress plugins from;

  • Opera Speed Dial
  • Has.js
  • jQuery Mobile (Updater)
    This plugin will be included in a future version of jQuery Updater

This means that they are no longer available or supported

I will post the source code on GitHub later this week.

Bumping minimum WordPress Version

This week I`ve been updated the readme of all my WordPress plugins.
All have been tested and should be fully compatible with WordPress 4.0 and 4.1. The readme.txt will now require atleast WordPress 3.9
Later this month, when WordPress 4.1.1 arrives, I will update this to 4.0!

Don`t worry, the PHP and MySQL requirements stay the same for now.

Looking back at 2014

It`s the last day of the year 2014. The perfect time to look at my personal goals for 2014, which I had set in the post Looking back and ahead (2013).

The goals I set for 2014 were (also see Half-Year Goal Review (2014) )

  • Review books , atleast 1 a quarter
  • Review other things than books
  • Make music and release tracks (atleast 6)
  • Contribute more code on GitHub (quality counts, not lines)
  • Contribute more translations for WordPress plugins
    Planning: W3 Total Cache, Pods, WooCommerce
  • Blog more often and improve text quality
  • Photograph more
    atleast 1 shoot extra apart from festivities
  • Finish more videogames and buy less new ones
  • Become less materialistic
    By buying less things I don`t need and impulsive
  • Read more books, instead of slacking on the tablet

I`m proud to say I`ve fail all of these! Every single one I didn`t complete or do. So for next year i`m going to set high standards. I will let everything go unforced.

Cleaning up your Microsoft Outlook Mailbox

It`s a good habit to clean up your computer once in a while. Programs you use on a daily base, like Microsoft Outlook tend to get fullier every day. A periodic Microsoft Outlook cleanup, for the inbox, directories aswel as agenda, task list and contact, brings back speed and harddisk space.

For this task I can recommend Automatic Outlook Duplicate Remover.

The steps are easy, but first make a backup of your Outlook PST file(s).
Next download and run Automatic Outlook Duplicate Remover.
I also recommend it to manually cleanup by following this Microsoft post: Reduce the size of Outlook Data Files (.pst and .ost)

The last step is compression, to squeeze out some extra harddisk space. I used KB289987 for this.