Raspberry Pi Default Username and Password

Only on the Raspbian OS:

Username: pi
Password: raspberry


How to change:

sudo passwd

First use config

sudo raspi-config

Communication problems

One of the things I realized  lately is the presence of dozens of communication tools, for instance WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, IRC, Google Talk, Skype, SMS etc. Every platform has its own pros and cons.

I have decided to dump all of these platforms except for Facebook Messenger, Skype and Twitter.

My choice for these 3 platforms is simple:

  • Facebook Messenger has great features and a wide contact list.
  • Skype is the number one for voice communication
  • Twitter is perfect for text-communication with people all over the world, but lacks the addressbook and user amount of Facebook

Current State of jQuery Updater

Roughly a year ago I`ve set the planning for jQuery Updater for WordPress in the post Development Progress of jQuery Updater for WordPress and made a note on the 3.0 release jQuery Updater for WordPress 3.0

This morning I`ve finally got Unit Testing (PHPUnit) and Code Quality up and running. This is powered by Travis CI and Scrutnizer. The development chat is hosted on Slack whereas the source code is still on GitHub. Most functions now also feature a PHPDoc block.

The development release is in the master branch and the latest production in stable.

Raspberry Pi 2 Announced

The announcement of the Raspberry Pi 2 earlier this week made me happy. The thing I felt with the RPI version 1 is obvious the lack of CPU power. The version 2 has roughly 6x it`s power and 4 cores. Along with double RAM memory (1 GB compared to 512 MB) it`s now a beast in a box for its 35 bucks.

Just a couple of hours later Microsoft announced Windows 10 support for the Raspberry Pi 2 (source)
This means the RPI2 will be my new tool of choice for most programming languages. It already supports  C, C++, Java, Scratch and Ruby. It might support J and VB too when Windows 10 comes.