Looking back at 10 years of work

During the last 10 years:

I have never been unemployed longer than a month
I’ve finished 2 schools which got me 1 degree
I now work at my 7th employer (only 3 full time, the 4 were internships)

New Job

Today (31 March 2014) marks the last day I work at my current job. Starting tomorrow I will start with a new job.

During last year I thought a lot about leaving and did a couple of solicitations. This Februari I got an offer and took it. Starting 1 April 2014 I will be working as a laboratory technician on the research department of a big chemical company.

Ubuntu Linux Kernel 3.14 installation guide

This short walkthrough describes how to install the Ubuntu linux kernel version 3.14  on without compiling.

This guide should work with the latest version of Ubuntu Linux and most Ubuntu-based distributions including Mint. The included kernel files have been compiled using the generic Ubuntu configuration.

Installation Guide (GUI)

  1. Download the kernel headers package:
  2. And the appropriate package for your system
  3. And the accompanying compiled kernel image
  4. Install the files in the same order as downloaded above. So first install the headers and finally the image.
  5. In the terminal run:
    sudo update-grub
  6. Reboot and select the kernel from the bootloader menu

I will post the latest version of the 3.14 branch and 3.14 release candidates in comments below.

Packt Publishing celebrates their 2000th book

Today Packt Publishing celebrates their 2000th title “Learning Dart” with a huge discount offer this week: Buy One, Get One Free. For every eBook you buy you will get one for free! This offer is valid for all eBooks. Bit hurry, the offer is valid from 18 March 2014 until 26 March 2014.

Just have a look at the top selling books from Packt’s catalogue:

My personal selection for this offer is: