Adopt Me: Offering plugins for adoption

In februari this year allowed plugin developers to  tag plugins with Adopt-Me.

In the next few weeks I will update all my plugins and offer some for adoption.

If you would like to adopt one or more of my WordPress plugins, use the contact form to contact me.

Playing SACD and DSD with Foobar2000

To be able to play Super-Audio-CD (SACD)  and DSD files using Foobar2000 you will need to install the following three plugins:

  1. foo_asio
  2. foo_input_sacd
  3. foo_dsd_asio

After installing these 3 you`ll have to restart Foobar2000 and you`re done.

Half-Year Goal Review (2014)

In post Looking back and ahead (2013) I have set my goals for 2014;

  1. Review books , atleast 1 a quarter
  2. Review other things than books
  3. Make music and release tracks (atleast 6)
  4. Contribute more code on GitHub (quality counts, not lines)
  5. Contribute more translations for WordPress plugins
    Planning: W3 Total Cache, Pods, WooCommerce
  6. Blog more often and improve text quality
  7. Photograph more
    atleast 1 shoot extra apart from festivities
  8. Finish more videogames and buy less new ones

Im falling behind with the first 5 points, by the end of the week im on track with point 7 and already finished points 6 and 8.

Since a lot has changed over the last 6 months it`s time to  change some of the goals and set some new ones:

  • Review atleast 1 book this year
  • Make music and release tracks
  • Contribute more code on GitHub (quality counts, not lines)
  • Contribute more translations for WordPress plugins
  • Photograph more non-festival related things

PhpStorm and Subversion on Windows

To use Subversion (SVN) under Windows on PHPStorm 7 and 8 you`ll need to install the Subversion Client 1.8.x from CollabNet first.
This can be found at

After installing the client, go to File –> Settings –> Version Control  –> Subversion
And set the path to C:\Program Files\CollabNet\Subversion Client\svn.exe   or whatever path you have installed the client in to.