My Graded Browser Support for Q3 2011

Since there is no update for Yahoo`s YUI Graded Browser Support in Q2 I`ve made my own list:


  • Firefox 4
  • Firefox 5
  • Safari 5
  • Safari for iOS 4
  • Internet Explorer 9
  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Google Chrome 11
  • Google Chrome 12
  • WebKit for Android OS 2.2
  • WebKit for Android OS 3.0

Good news for HTML5

The Internet Explorer 9 release candidate – released several days ago – supports the following functions:

  • CSS3 2D transforms
  • HTML5 Geolocation API
  • WebM codec

This means that all browsers (internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, google chrome, apple safari and opera) now all support the WebM video codec.

Microsoft and HTML5 Video

Yesterday microsoft announced in this post that:

  • IE9 will support H.264.
  • Microsoft released an add-on for Firefox on Windows to support H.264
  • Microsoft will release a plugin for  Google Chrome on Windows to provide support for H.264.
  • Support will be provided for IE9 users who want to play WebM

What does this mean?

Why Google doesn`t want to use H.264 in Chrome – Microsoft will make a workaround.
With this workaround and WebM support I forsee a good future for H.264  and WebM.

Personally- at this moment  – I haven`t made a choice of codec yet. Maybe after reading the HTML5 Video ook, which I will be reviewing next week!