Resisting Gutenberg

Although I`ve tried to resist Gutenberg for months, today is the day I switch over. This post is the first I wrote in Gutenberg and possibly not the last. 

With the same resistance I had when using the Windows Vista. 7, 8 and 10 menu I tried to ignore Gutenberg because it`s different and I think it was going to impact my performance.

For others who are used to the classic editor and want a site that functions just as in the past it`s different. Not everybody is good in adapting to new software. Luckily for those people there is the Classic Editor Plugin Relaunch

It`s been a while since the last time I`ve made big changes to the site. Today I`ve switched themes to something lighter, not only in terms of colour but also in functionality. This will improve user experience and performance.

As you already noticed, my blog writing skills are not the best. I can talk for hours but writing a descent article or blogpost is my weakness. Because i`m fully aware of this I will be working on it.


Moving to closed development

Over the last year I`ve had several occasions where people would steal my intellect / ideas for their own benefit. To avoid this I`m moving development of all my new open source projects into hidden construction phase. this means I`m locally hosting the project planning, source code, issues, feature requests and development releases.


It`s the time of the year when it`s dark outside. What do you do then? Turn on the lights.
And are those LED or energy saving bulbs? Surely not all of them!

The most environment friendly thing to do is to replace a bulb when it`s broken, it`s a waste of money and materials if you replace a working one with a working one.

By the end of the month I have replaced the last regular light bulb with an energy saving one or LED one.