Fixtext is a JavaScript utility that emulates CSS3 pseudo-classes and attribute selectors in Internet Explorer 6-8.


Latest version: Download FitText v1.2 [zip]


  1. Upload fixtext/ to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


Here is a simple FitText setup:


Pretty Cool. Your text should now resize based on the width of the parent element. By default: Font-size = 1/10th of the parent element’s width.

= The Compressor=
If your text is resizing poorly, you’ll want to turn tweak up/down “The Compressor”. It works a little like a guitar amp. The default is 1.

$("#responsive_headline").fitText(1.2); // Turn the compressor up   (text shrinks more aggressively)
$("#responsive_headline").fitText(0.8); // Turn the compressor down (text shrinks less aggressively)

This will hopefully give you a level of “control” that might not be pixel perfect, but scales smoothly & nicely.

=new: minFontSize & maxFontSize =
FitText now allows you to specify two optional pixel values: minFontSize and maxFontSize. Great for situations when you want responsive text but also need to preserve hierarchy.

$("#responsive_headline").fitText(1.2, { minFontSize: '20px', maxFontSize: '40px' })

CSS Tips

  • Make sure your headline is display: block; or display: inline-block; with a specified width, i.e. width: 100%.
  • Be ready to tweak till everything balances out.
  • FitText now ignores your CSS file’s font-size, but be sure to set one as a non-javascript fallback.



  • Updates the Javascript library


  • FitText now ignores font-size and has minFontSize & maxFontSize options
  • Code Cleanup (less code = faster)
  • Removed jQuery UI loader
  • Readme improvement: see installation tab


  • Initial version, based on version 1.0 of the javascript