CodeIgniter 1.7 professional development


If you we`re intested in CodeIgniter 1.7 by Packt Publishing I have good news, the followup “CodeIgniter 1.7 professional development” will be released next month.

The book contains the following content:

  • Learn the Model-View-Controller design pattern to structure your code
  • Create more readable and maintainable queries using the Active Record implementation
  • Create and maintain database tables using the Database Forge class
  • Authenticate users using Twitter oAuth and Facebook Connect
  • Create your own Authentication Library for more control over your user accounts
  • Secure your application using CodeIgniter’s built-in functionality and some quick tips to help further
  • Build a RESTful Web Service, opening up your application to third-party developers
  • Create extended Controllers, grouping functionality into multiple Controllers helping to keep repeated code to a minimum
  • Learn techniques used by professionals to scale CodeIgniter over multiple servers
  • Learn top tips for releasing code to the community and giving support to the developers using your code

More information about the book can be found at

CodeIgniter 1.7


I`ve decided to go with CodeIgniter as PHP Model-View-Controller framework.
To learn the basics of this open source framework I`ve chosen for the CodeIgniter 1.7 book by Packt Publishing.

The book describes how to start with CodeIgniter beginning with the installation. The first steps followed by connecting databases, creating HTML pages and forms, using sessions and add security etcetera. The final chapters include more advanced features like dynamic information and uploads.

My review of this book will be online somewhere in january.

A sample chapter, which describes the basics of MVC and CodeIngiter can be found here.

More information about the book and and a link to buy it can be found here.