Looking back and ahead (2013)

Todays in 24 december 2013, just one week left this year.

Looking back at 2013

This year I have done:

But on the downside:

Looking ahead: new year resolutions and plans for 2014

I`ve set some minor and major goals for 2014:

  • Review books , atleast 1 a quarter
  • Review other things than books
  • Make music and release tracks (atleast 6)
  • Contribute more code on GitHub (quality counts, not lines)
  • Contribute more translations for WordPress plugins
    Planning: W3 Total Cache, Pods, WooCommerce
  • Blog more often and improve text quality
  • Photograph more
    atleast 1 shoot extra apart from festivities
  • Finish more videogames and buy less new ones

And personal:

  • Become less materialistic
    By buying less things I don`t need and impulsive
  • Read more books, instead of slacking on the tablet

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