Solaris 11 Express SAMP installation guide (update)

This  article is an improved version of Solaris 11 Express SAMP installation guide. The improvement contains a graphical management panel.

To install Apache 2.2, PHP, MySQL 5.1, Perl 5.8 on Solaris 11 Express just follow these steps:

  1. Install Solaris 11 Express (I won`t provide help with this step)
  2. Start Solaris and login as the main user
  3. Start the terminal, if not done already
  4. su
    pkg refresh
  5. pkg install amp
  6. pkg install panel-apache
  7. svcadm restart gdm
  8. svcadm enable apache22
  9. svcadm enable mysql
  10. cd /var/apache2/2.2/htdocs
  11. rm index.html

All PHP files etc can be placed in /var/apache2/2.2/htdocs

If you want to learn how to  install SSL (for HTTPS) for Apache, I recommend that you will read

9 thoughts on “Solaris 11 Express SAMP installation guide (update)

  1. Any suggstions for getting mod_write to work on the Solaris 11 Express included copy of apache 2.2. I’ve made sure that the module is loaded, but any rewrite rules in the global or virtualhosts prevent apache from starting.

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