How-to install the Sun Nimbus Theme 0.1.4 for Gnome

This post is an update for Howto install the Sun Nimbus Theme for Gnome.

I personally prefer the OpenSolaris look for Gnome because it`s more clearly then Ubuntu`s Humanlooks.
It`s possible to install this theme under almost any system running Gnome.

The easiest way is installing the proper package from
This site contains the packs for Ubuntu and Debian (both x86 and x86_64).

Another way is compiling and installing the latest version. This is how it goes!

Install the proper requirements and the source;

apt-get -y install build-essential libgtk2.0-dev intltool icon-naming-utils fakeroot devscripts debhelper build-dep gtk2-engines-clearlooks


tar -xf nimbus-0.1.4.tar.bz2

Next step; compiling the source

./configure --prefix=/usr/

chmod +x debian/rules
Install the binary;

make clean

sudo make install

Select the theme in Gnome.

Thats it!

4 thoughts on “How-to install the Sun Nimbus Theme 0.1.4 for Gnome

      • Yes there are multiple packages available, but these packages are for long dead versions of various Linux distributions.

        Which is why I was asking for the source.

        It is always safer to install from source than some unknown, untrusted, unverified repository. [At one time, one of the theme sites (“desktop/wm” was distributing a debian package which contained malicious code — because packages contain executable code.]

        And with the source of any “package” (unless the software is using a no longer available library) then it is almost always possible to build and install the software or even create one’s own custom package.

        Anyways, as I said in my earlier reply, a copy of the source can still be found at

  1. After much frantic web searching, the probably only remaining site to get the latest v0.1.7 GTK2 engines Nimbus source code (tar.gz format) is Ubuntu Launchpad

    Hope this helps anybody trying to track down this elusive GTK2 theme engine.

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