The fix to Microsoft Flight Simulator X crash on Windows 7 x64

For those who are experiencing “a fatal error has occurred”, there`s a fix.

The steps:

  1. Download uiautomationcore.dll
  2. Unpack the ZIP file
  3. Place the DLL in
    /program files (x86)/Microsoft Games/Flight Simulator X/

That`s all.

If you are still experiencing problems I recommend to update your videocard drivers and run Windows Update.

195 thoughts on “The fix to Microsoft Flight Simulator X crash on Windows 7 x64

  1. WORKS!!! Awesome, thank guys. Also, remember to put your ‘Compatibility’ of FSX to Windows XP. This will fix all the problems with FSX on W7

  2. I was having the fatal error problem when I was in a IFR flight and used the drop down menues. Frustrating when you’ve been working on something for 3-4 hrs.

    My OS is Vista 64bit Home Premium Edition.

    I installed the uiautomationcore.dll and to this point cannot repeat the same problem so it seems to work.

  3. So what exactly is changed in this file? What kind of event causes the crash, and how is it fixed. I’m curious.

    • It replaces a 64 bit dll by a 32 bit

      and if you don`t have the sudden crashes you won`t be needing this

      • so ya just put the dll file opening in notepad into the FSX folder?

      • well, I have windows 7 home edition 64 bit

        My computer is a intel i5 333ghz
        ram is 16 gigs can take up to 32
        I have FSX Gold edition

        when i take a flight lets say Montreal to Paris, after 3-4 hours the screen freezes???
        so all that time in flight Fl390 with the A380 for nothing? frustrating to say the least.

        would this dll corect this problem?

        on short flight of max 2 hours no problem but on the long runs it freezes.Anyone experience this with there window 7 64 bit?

  4. As soon as I went over the FSX menues after a few minutes of flight, it would most likely hang up. Now I moved your 32Bit-Vista-DLL-version into the directory, the problem does not only seem to be gone, I even experience a higher framerate using two monitors with 3D views. I will now give online flying with IVAO a new try.
    I also read about other approaches, deleting the DLL in several directories, causing other apps to stop running, but this fix is the most simple and most effective without negative side-effects – dear Ramon thanks so much!!!
    My setup: Quad-Core with Win7-64 and FSX + Accel + Updates
    Regards Joe

  5. Hi Guys. So I downloaded the .dll file a few months ago and it worked great. Stopping that problem I had whenever I flew the ESDG aircraft that when moving the subpanels, FS would freeze and didnt have a problem with any other aircraft. Now yesterday I started up FS and decided to fly the ESDG Citation X merged with the Wilco panel and it starts freezing again while moving the subpanels! So annoying! The wierd thing is that I am using a Wilco panel and its only been doing this on ESDG panels. Also I flew the same exact plane the other day without a problem. I’m off Windows 7. Please Help!!

  6. I’m just not an fsx guy. I do have fsx but there are a lot more aircraft for fs9 I think. So is there any solution for this? Thanks for the reply by the way 🙂

  7. howdy,

    I have FSX and i am having continuos problems with my graphics.

    I have an i7 3.00ghz processor
    12 gig of ram
    and geforce 470 graphics card
    1 terribyte hard drive plus a seperate hard drive for storage.

    you would htink with a computer like this FSX would run well, and sometimes it does, its just around places like melbourne (essendon) that i have problems with AI aircraft losing there texuture, sometimes vanishing and all you can see is there shadow and then sometimes if i go to add fuel to the plane when i go back to the main screen the screen goes black and sometimes the graphics ghost..
    how can this be possible with my hardware? i have ORBX graphics installed and normally it handles the most of the graphics but in dense scenery it doesnt??

    any suggestions??

    • IF you are using WOAI traffic, turn off the “aircraft cast shadows on itself” option in the scenery settings underaircraft. This will eliminate that problem.

  8. I have FSX Deluxe. Computer has AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 240e Processor, 4 GB RAM, ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics, 1919 MB available graphics memory, and 633GB Free (686GB Total). It has Windows 7 Home Premium. My game will load and run perfectly for 5 to 10 minutes, then the whole computer shuts down, no error messages or warning of any kind. I have ran the program compatibility with no luck. Any ideas?

    • the same counts for you
      it has nothing to do with the problem mentioned in this topic, therefore im not going to help you
      i recommend that you use google

      although you forgot to mention if your using a 32 or 64 bits windows

    • Hi, As a Brit oldie used to flying VOR’s IFRs from Manchester EGCC to Spain, France and Holland, plus using Air Haulier add on, And used two screens, when it was used with my aging XP computer, it never hardly blinked. Since Its been installed on Win7, its almost unusable, and I have most of the Saitek controls in a powered USB hub. I already installed the UI .dll months ago, But has not improved, I never ,ever, got a fatal error message on XP.

      If Im to finish this expensive cockpit, and Bass rumbler under seats, I have no other recourse than to find a hi end XP computer on Ebay, fit some more ram and a 1gig AGP graphic card, and use my new 7 for everyday use, plus games online and other stuff, that actually need win7 with the faster PCIE card to get todays games running without stutter.
      For such a much used and favorite sim, Microsoft should be ashamed of themselves to wash there hands of it, once Windows 7 appeared. To me it doesn’t make business sense, not to even bring a win7 service pack out , so 7 users can still enjoy, trouble free flying.

      They obviously, Dont want to increase sales of, what was there flagship Software. Thats gaming companies for you , they join EA, Origin, & Ubisoft who care nothing for paying customers, only ££££. Only Blizzard’s ,WOW was ever near giving support to the game, and small credits given when things went wrong, now I play Star wars Old republic, and EA along with Bioware, and its Customer service is the worst going, they even shut up shop

  9. Werkt dit ook voor als hij zonder de foutmelding ermee ophoudt? Ik ben altijd midden in mijn vlucht opeens weer op het bureaublad, zonder melding of wat. En wanneer verschilt ook erg.

  10. Ramoonus!
    Nice Work dude… Het werkt inderdaad!
    I have it installed on a seperate drive, which improves FPS (when only using 10% of that drive, very important fact!! If you dont believe me check the program HD tune pro and check the response time with used 90% and 10%) And I have saved it in the root folder so something like f:\FSX\..

    Bedankt man!

      • Hi Ramoonus,
        Just got a new computer, all updated, still occasional ‘fatal error’–just as I press TOGA for a go-around.
        Using FSX / PMDG. i7, 64-bit, Sabertooth X58, GTX560 Ti Twin Frozr II. 6 gig RAM.

        I tried installing the dll 32-bit you suggested–works much better (had more fatal crashes before).

        I checked all hardware–seems to perform well otherwise.

        Anything else to try?

      • are you running the latest windows updated and drivers
        and make sure you don`t use any addons (these might not be fully win7 / 64 bit compatible)

      • Yes, all updated. Windows 7 updated.
        PMDG add-on is necessary for the job, but is Win 7/64-bit compatible.

        Other operational issues include:
        1) VS mode does NOT open speed window
        2) VNAV function hardly works at all (button does not engage when it should)
        3) Altitude does not hold properly–always gets off altitude, even in captured mode [ALT].

        The program seems flimsy by comparison to a “real”–simulator experience.

        I’m a 747-pilot.

        Thx for any help!

  11. Well, they are necessary add-ons. But in any case, with low resolution the game works fine, and I don’t particularly mind low-high resolution, as long as the cockpit looks good. On low resolution the frame rate is 15 per sec, and it works flawlessly.

    Thanks for your suggestions. 🙂

      • All seems to be working now, even with frame rate 20/sec. No lock-ups. Graphics set to HIGH.
        Could be that new hardware needs time to adjust?– Anyway, thanks for the help!

      • Hello,

        I am also encountering this ‘fatal error has occurred’ message. I downloaded the file as you said. Step two says to ‘unpack the zip file’. Sorry for my computer illiteracy, but how do you do that? I right clicked on it but didn’t see anything about unpacking or unzipping. I then just clicked on the file and dragged it into the folder you mentionioned in step 3. I see it in there with a bunch of other files.
        Anyhow, I started a flight and within 15 mins I received the fatal message and it restarted. During the flight I was in and out of the menu just to test it as this is what usually triggers the error.
        My computer is Windows 7 64. 8G and 3 GHz. I would think it has the latest updates and drivers.
        I am running the game at high settings and I believe 20 fps.
        The error is real annoying and need to get this corrected. Hopefully I made a silly mistake along the way and you can set me straight!


  12. Nope, This solution did not fix the problem on my system. Win7 Pro, i7Extreme, 12GbRAM, GTX480 graphics.

  13. I not only have the fatal error problem but also find that as soon as I connect to VATSIM, any aircraft close to me overlap my aircraft image/position.As soon as I disconnect then the overlapping a/c disappear.Never had any of these probs on Windows XP-Windows 7 sucks!

  14. Hi guys, I am just an end-user like you, but I found several things that work for the ‘fatal crash’ on MSFS.

    1. I reinstalled on my primary boot drive. My C: drive is a SSD (solid state drive) which could have helped, but somehow I don’t think it liked running off a 2ndary drive D: or E:.. also it could have been simply the re-install.

    2. I got the latest GTX driver–which recently came out (may or june 2011), and this helped. Although MSFS still crashes sometimes. The install disc of the graphics card “should” leave a graphics card icon on your tray table (bottom right). If not, try to re-install it from your original graphics card disc that came with your computer (esp if factory installed). This icon when opened provides many options for the graphics card, and some specific for programs installed (i.e. MSFS). It can also rate your graphics capability with these programs.

    3. Make sure you disable all email and anti-virus programs!!!

    4. MSCONFIG function—this is the most promising and beneficial. Go to Start icon, and type “msconfig” in the space provided. Look for Tab, “STARTUP” and select on the bottom, “disable all”. When you apply it will ask you to re-boot. This will provide a clean bootup with absolutely nothing running in the background. A bit convoluted, but really takes no time to do. This option works for me mostly, while the other options helped to some degree.

    Hope this helped.

    • Great this works for me.

      no idea what specific service is blocking FSX, that’s what I’m going to figure out now.


    • The MSCONFIG solution helped confirming that I was not crazy and that FSX should be working on my W7, 64bit system.

      I did a complete re-install and found out that a conflicting Realtek (crap) sound chip driver was the issue.

      • the msconfig info is two posts above. I could not spot the individual driver in msconfig that is the culprit. It just confirmed that it could work on my system

  15. Hey bedankt man!! Hij doet het perfect Werkt trouwens ook met FALCON 4.0 of FREE FALCON 5.5!

    Superrrrr ,

    Groetjes Wilco

  16. I installed too much WOAI, and it would crash in 3 minutes. I timed 20 minutes and it had no crash! it works great.

  17. I have a question because this doesn’t seem to work for me. So here is my issue…I was running fsx no problem. Reformatted my computer to clean it up a bit (I usually do it twice a year). And when I reinstalled my fsx it now freezes all the time, mid flight. So I tried the DLL. I put it in my main fsx folder (D:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X) and nothing. I was still having the problems. I went ahead and uninstalled everything, got it back on and put the DLL file back in the main fsx folder. One question though… Am I suppose to be overwriting this DLL with a previous version, because there isn’t a previous version installed for me to overwrite. I am running on Windows 7 64bit and my $2500 PC surpasses the specs for this game. So I’m not sure as to what I am doing wrong here… I’m going to give the new install a go, and let you know how things go. But was just curious as to if I’m doing something wrong right out of the gates? Thanks…

    • Okay so it didn’t work. It still freezes up on me. Any ideas and/or suggestions? I even made it switched the compatibility to XP sp3.

      • Sorry for being such a noob… But I actually believed that I fixed it. I don’t think it actually had anything to do with this problem here, because I wasn’t getting any errors, just freezing. I found a program that checks your fsx.cfg file to make sure that you have it setup correctly. So I did the scan on my .cfg file it showed problems with the way I had setup mine, so I downloaded the fixed file, loaded it in to my fsx and wala, worked. Didn’t know if I could post a link to what I am talking about but not only does my flightsim run smoother, it looks a lot better as well… Thanks for such an awesome thread. I have the DLL file in place just in case either way. :o)

      • Hey, what programme did u find and where. as i also just had it freezing and i tried all the fixes these guys were saying and it never worked so i got rid of the lot and aint got to play it for a while now 🙁

      • what one? i just said that i tried everything that you were all and all have all said. but i wanted to know the programme he found so i could try that

      • dustin. can you post a link for this fix. would be much appreciated thanks.

  18. I was having those gastly freeze up as well at every fly and downloaded the .dll, worked fine for a week… now it is freezing up again… mostly on approaches, ILS established…
    How do I fix that, PLEASE!!!

  19. THANK YOU!!! Now I can do my Long Haul flights without interruptions! Thank you! Your my lord! -Bows-

  20. I start with only having FSX deluxe, it gives me a lot of trouble on my Win7 64bit..
    But when I upgrade to Accelleration, all my problems are gone .. NIIIIICCCE!! 🙂

  21. i been having the same issue my self i did download the dll file after a few days it did it again
    another thing might be cousing it is FSUIPC older Ver than FSUIPC4 4.80 i tryed without the fsuipc for about four hours no problem i installed the new fsuipc and set the comptibly to windows xp (SP1) so far had no problems. so far knock on wood . its working for now. if you waiting o MS to fix this dont wast your time waiting there not going to do anything. someone with programing knowhow need to come up and fix this and send a bill to MS .

    • i done 4 flights yesterday with no problems and today it crashed about every flight when about 5 miles out for landing. man this is getting old. i am going back to FS2004

  22. Tried the fix on Windows 7 (Home Premium). Did one flight okay but still crashed during the second longer flight. Below is the reason it gave me.

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: AppHangB1
    Application Name: fsx.exe
    Application Version: 10.0.61355.0
    Application Timestamp: 4643ee0a
    Hang Signature: fdc1
    Hang Type: 2048
    OS Version: 6.1.7601.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional Hang Signature 1: fdc1424288ed63a973990ccfbcac190a
    Additional Hang Signature 2: 5dc5
    Additional Hang Signature 3: 5dc57b103783ecc65439eeb7a0fb5d2a
    Additional Hang Signature 4: fdc1
    Additional Hang Signature 5: fdc1424288ed63a973990ccfbcac190a
    Additional Hang Signature 6: 5dc5
    Additional Hang Signature 7: 5dc57b103783ecc65439eeb7a0fb5d2a

  23. I downloaded the file and it is a dll…….It is not a zip file…..No files to extract…….!!!!

  24. OK.. I downloaded the .dll and placed it on /program files (x86)/Microsoft Games/Flight Simulator X/. Then I tested it after being in the air for a approximately 1/2 hour(Using Flight Speed x16) When I decided to make the speed to normal. I tried to open drop down menus the game froze and fatal error appeared. It ONLY happens when I’m using FS Passenger.

    Help Please Thanks.

    Computer Spec
    Windows 7 Home Premium SP1
    64Bit-Operating System
    Intel CORE i3
    Ram 4GB

  25. Hi
    I downloaded the Uia….. dll as I was having the following problem: new computer with hp HPE
    I7 2600 at 3.4 GHz, 64 Bit OS, INtel HD graphics card
    I havent restart Flight X but was having problems (2x) wher I would use FLight X, shut down the PC and the next day my computer freezes on startup, I restored to a previous date, reinstalled flight X and it has happened again. Do you think your file may help ? I have not tried flight X yet with your file


      • Hi, thanks for the reply. The problem has only occured the next time I try to run the PC after shutting down immediately after running FSX. And when running FSX, the sounds shuts off after ATC comes on, so I’m thinking something is not running correctly, and then affects a file used to turn windows on b/c it’s too coincidental that it’s happened only after running FSX. Not sure what could be happening, any other things I could say to help troubleshoot ? Does a file used by FSX change some OS file used to start windows ?

  26. Hello All!

    I Also got a question, I read all the stuf you said, and download the UIAutomationcore.dll. En put in in the folder you said. (The Main directory of FSX) but it didn’t replace anything? I just put it in the main directory. Do i need to delete te ”Automationcore” and replace the new ”UI” over the old one? Or is t maby a bug of something in mine FSX? Because there is no UIAutomationcore.dll in my main directory?!


  27. I had some serious problems with the “fatal error”. I uninstalled and reinstalled FSX 3 times over a 2 month period and got exactly nowhere. After I launched it the last time it for 2 minutes and then crashed. A concentrated search was started for a solution and mostly by accident I came upon your solution. It took just a few minutes to download and install and so far it is working just great. At first I had some difficulty with the ILS. I wasn’t able to stay on course for the landing and lost the glide slope completely but the last few days it was OK – very likely had nothing to do with your solution to the problem. So—- I have 3 things to say to you!
    Thank you Thank you and THANKS a lot.

  28. It doesn’t work, I fly the PMDG 737 ngx on GTX 570 2560 MB i5-2500k 3,3ghz, 8 GB RAM and I only have 2 payware add-ons, but I still get these fatal errors! So I don’t think it will work!

  29. I am running these specs and I still encounter the fatal crashes numerous times. I have not had a successful flight yet. This is a bad ass computer, there is no reason why it should be crashing, except maybe incompatibility?

    Nvidia GTX 690
    Asus Rampage IV Extreme Mobo
    i7 3930k Overclocked to 4.25 (just for starters can go to 5.0)
    32GB G Skill Ripjaws 1600Mhz RAM
    256GB Vertex 4 SSD (Win 7 Pro 64 bit installed on this )

    Moved your .dll into the flight sim directory and nada. Still crashing.

  30. Hi, I am having the same problem as above and think will dll download will fix it but when i click your link it says there is a no programes assoscated with the download and wont let me download it do you know how i can over come this?

      • hello there, i downloaded the file and i cant open it there is no program that can open the file, what should i do right click copie and paste it in the fsx folder as you said??
        i witch case i did and it still crashes i run the expansion pack i have uninstalled the whole program and instaled it again and again and still crash.
        my system is up to date and so are the drivers i run win7 64 bit.

  31. This worked perfectly for me, running Windows 8 Pro 64bit, just copied the DLL into the folder as instructed and managed to play for about 6 hours. Never been able to play more than 30 mins previously


  32. Hi, I put the dnll on my fsx on win7 but ever since I put this my glideslope during ils is never being active to any airport. Can I please get some help of why with this is happening.

  33. Didn’t work on my windows 7. Spinning wheel of death. Here. This suck ..second time around my f installing g and I lose all my flight logs custom instrument. Approaches. This suck screw. Ms flight. It sucks abecause it t behaves like a virus.

      • I am running windows 8…oh dear. Intel i7 3.6GHz, 12 Gb Ram, 2Tb Hard drive, GeForce 660 Graphics card….blah blah…should run the game fine. I am running the acceleration pack at the moment too. However I get this problem when every time I skip time to x8 or higher I get this, Microsoft Flight simulator has stopped working…A problem has caused the program to stop working….blah blah…close game.
        When I follow your instructions above I can stop it from crashing….but then when I skip time to x8 or higher the aircraft starts pitching up and down violently…..any ideas would be more than welcome and remember I don’t speak complicated PC lingo.
        Thanking you in advance.

  34. Will this dnll supposed prevent the system from freezing up if I’m pausing the game with the snipping tool to make mutliple screenshots? I just had it freeze up on me, but I’m wondering if it is because of the multiple pauses. I did put the dnll in my game a few weeks ago and I’ve not had any problems when I’m just flying with no pauses.

  35. Well, I just answered my own question. It appears that the dnll will not prevent the problem with all aircraft addons 100%. The game froze up on me a little while ago while using the same addon. This time there were no pauses and it froze up just after about 10 minutes into the flight. I was able to restart the game and finished the flight successfully. Any suggestions?

  36. why is this dll file slightly bigger then some dlls provided at different sites? has anything else been added into the ui…dll that makes it work more effectivly? ive downloaded a few different versions and this ones slightly bigger?

  37. Hello! Ramoonus
    There is a problem with Windows 7 and Flight simulator X togheter.
    The game crashes due to an error with win 7.
    The problem has been discussed and It has to do with the “UIAutomationCore.dll file that is
    located in system32.
    But there is no solution to the problem, only some suggestions from users all over the world
    that if you remove the dll file it will be solved or switch it with a Vista version of the file.

    • Hi, I had the problem of FSX charshing with Win 7 64bit. I found a suggestion that said, as well as downloadind the UI dll you had to ‘register’ it.
      When I did that my FSX wirked fine immediately.

      You do that by entering the command prompt, access the directory where UI dll is located and then run ‘rgsvr32 ‘ followed by the UI filename.

      Please google ‘how to register a dll file’ for the correct syntax.


  38. Hello Ramoonus, I have just started my pilots licence, and i really want to use fsx when im not actually flying, however it just simply crashes either half way through the flight, or just after take off. I do have addons, but i have used them on a different computer and they have worked fine. My processor and hard drive should be able to work fine as i do use a gaming computer, EVERY OTHER GAME WORKS INCLUDING BATTLEFIELD 3! What should I do?

  39. I’ve been an IT technician since 1997. I’ve read all the comments.If the fatal error occurs and it restarts the fsx it has nothing to do with dll. I had this problem on my PC.You guys are running fsx with 3 monitors with Eyefinity,insane mode.I will tell you how I fixed my problem.I have win7 64bit,I fly with PMDG and some add ons. If when the fatal error occurs and restarts you choose the option of sending to Microsoft you will see the problem has to do with dxdiag. This means that the problem is somehow in your graphic card.No, you don’t need to change your graphic card.Just turn off the crossfire(if you are running it),stop any overclock in your graphic card,change the settings on your FSX to medium or less,and try it.You won’t have a fatal error anymore. Now,if you want to run it on insane mode,3 monitors and add ons then buy a very good and expensive graphic card.
    Observation: FSX wasn’t made to work with Eyefinity and crossfire.
    I hope I helped.

  40. Mate i do understand that, FSX was no made for working with crossfire SLI or anything like sort of game this days if you have double graphic card shut down one, stop overclocking run FSX setting fair or mid don’t run FSX mode insane the DXDIAG will crash and reboot FSX again this is what happens with all of you guy,
    another words run power full computer or a weak computer in FSX mode high or large
    i had the same problem i tested windows Vista 32 bit and win7 64 bit it will crash i both system if you run overclocking or cross fire and SLI .

  41. I can’t open the dll file in WinRar so I can’t unpack it. Will it still work if I just put the dll file in the Microsoft Flight Simulator X folder?

  42. hi ramoonus –

    how r u …. I too am facing the same problem……..
    my system was automatically updated by windows few days ago … and since then I cannot open FSX.
    It loads up …and then “FSX cannot open” “Close the program
    Tried uninstalling and installing twice ….alongwith your dll fix ….but no luck.
    Pls help !!!

  43. Hi Ramoonus,

    Just a brief message to say I’ve just upgraded computers, the new one coming with windows 8. Generally FSX worked ok, enough that I can assure people out there that it does work with windows 8 together with 3rd party add ons without too much bother. I had noticed that using certain features on the pull down menu would cause a crash but if these features weren’t opened the the flight would continue. I stumbled across your page and installed this file and it works perfectly with reasonably high settings on what is now probably a middle of the road computer. All told I done 6 return flights over a full day across Europe and the USA with reasonably high settings. I used the menu several times trying to envoke a crash but alas everything worked just as it should. Anyone with such troubles has to give this a go. A very big thank you Ramoonus for highlighting this and facilitating this fix!

    Very Best Regards


  44. Hey guys,
    I recently upgraded my computer and installed windows 7 64bit.
    i have installed the fs 2004 and when i run the game, it runs perfectly fine but before each landing , the game stops. I also have another problem. When i press the window button on my computer to get back to my desktop page, the flight simulator wouldn’t let me get back into the game and i have to restart the game. Can someone please help me with this problem.


  45. Hi i have some of the problems my computer is windows 7 64bit. I have the FSX 2004.Now i have the My traffic 2013 which seems a big patch in terms of graphics and stuff but when i choose in the flight planner any 767/300 the planes area all white no paint in the planes looks a a ghost plane and I fly and crash near the landing time. When i choose any other plane from FSX th graphic of the planes are great

  46. Hey Ramoonus, I just upgraded my PC to 8350 AM3+, 125W, 4 GH, 8 core , Radeon HD 7970 GHz, 6GB 384-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP, Win 7 64bit. My FSX keep crash on me every time I select option/display or control etc… I follow your instruction and load the UIAutomationCore.dll and still crash. Any suggestion?

  47. Thanks so much for this. Why did I never look for your fix before? I’ve used FSX for ages and struggled, but all stable now. Thanks!

  48. I have no problems running Flight SimulatorX Deluxe in Windows 8 Pro.

    1) Just install Flight SimulatorX directly to Drive C:/Flight Simulator

    X, do not install to Program Files 64 or 32. No need to set

    compatibility settings.

    2) For stability do not install FSX Service Pack 1 and Service Pack 2.

    For me the service packs causes the game to crash easily.

    It runs beautifully for me.

  49. HI Guys

    Finnaly i found a very simple solution
    My english is very poor but il give a try..
    My last 2 years i was on fight between FSX and XP 32/64 , Vista 32/64 ,Win7 32/64
    uiautomationcoredll ´s from everywhere . replacing files etc etc
    The ONLY OS that i could play FSX was XP 32 and 64 bits
    My hardware is very old as you can see GA-EP43T-USB3, 2duo E8400, 4GB gskill
    and a ATI HD 7750 1Gb ddr5
    3 Days ago i told to myself , Dammm XP is Extinct after January Il have to try one more time
    I installed Win 7 64 bits for the centesimal time , I reeboted every update i made
    when you dont have any more updates start the instalation hardware drivers , BUT dont forget
    to reboot after any driver instalation .
    After all drivers instalation check for more updates from microsoft including directx of course
    REboot and NOW you are ready to install FSX but only the first part . After instalation
    Reboot and play it , chose a aircraft, an airport and on the airport check all views ( cockpits, FlyBy)
    Now end flight, exit game and REBOOT .
    You can install now FSX accelaration pack, reboot, play it the same way , Reboot and install the first addon Planes or Airports.~
    Dont forget to reboot After any addon instal , reboot and then try it
    Well this might be a obviuos solution for many people but IT WORKED WITH ME i play it 7 hour flying
    whith no problems at all. Iam so happy finnaly Win7 64bits with FSX with no problems.
    Hope it helps , good luck

  50. Hi there,

    We have buy an new system windows 8.1 /64.

    Flightsim dont work well on this system.
    Crashes everytime.
    I have set work as Windows xp, windows vista and windows 7. nothing stops the crashes.

    Do you know what we can do?

  51. Hello,

    I am also having intermittent problems of fsx hang up. I have an HP i7 laptop with Intel video card that I have updated from HP website. Also I have installed fsx in C:\ rather than the Microsoft Game directory. Once I have run fsx and gone through the whole flight, at the end I wish to replay and that is when it crashes. I do not think it is the replay but another pull down menu issue??? I do have the dll file in fsx as per your instructions above. Perhaps you may have some idea? Many thanks.

    Oh I forgot, I have Windows 8.1 (64 bits) running.

  52. Hi Ramon. Regarding this “dll” issue, I can’t install it in FSX. Can you help me please. Cheers. Bill

  53. Ramoonus!!! I could kiss you. It works like a charm. 3 flights now that I have actually been able to finish. Incredible.

  54. Thanks for this tweak, with this old 2006 version of the dll, FSX works fine now !!!

    I would just have added a “step 4” to your procedure:

    4. restart FSX

    Just to be sure that FSX will load this dll, instead of windows’ one.

  55. Hi Ramoonus, I downloaded the latest file version UIAutomationCore.dll 6.0.5840.16386 Size 155 KB (159 008 bytes) Size on disk 156 KB (159,744 bytes) but my FSX after I open various views (shift + tn) is going to crash. I do not know what to do. I have a i5 3570 8 GB 3400MHz NVIDIA GTX 660 2 GB Help Me please. Thanks 🙁

  56. Hi i’ve had fsx since 2006 and it crashed just about as many times over the years!i’ve done twelve flights with your dll,file in place and it has’nt crashed once since
    thanks a lot you seem to have solved a major problem among flight simmers

  57. do I need to delete all of my fsx planes that i added to fsx because when I started fsx i had no problem but when i use my other planes that i dowloaded i usually fly about 10 mins after that it says faltal error and it says under the problem APP Crash could you help me

  58. Ramoonus, I’ve the same problem but am running windows 8.1, Core i5-4670K Quad-Core Processor, 8GB Memory, 1TB Hard Drive. I am wondering if this solution fixes the FSX ‘Fatal Error’ on my Windows 8.1. I have FSX Gold edition.

  59. Hi, im running windows 8.1 64bit operating system with 4GB ram and AMD Radeon HD8670M graphics card.The problem keeps on arises on my fsx when i click on the map and whether button.It the shows fatal error after i apply your steps.It seems does not working based on ur steps and i have running it as administrator and running in windows xp sp2 compability but i didnt seem to fix the fatal error.Pls help??

      • I am new to flight simulators. Just got computer this week and downloaded fax steam. I do not get the fatal error message but when I click on map program often just shuts down! Is this the same issue? Will this solution fix my problem too?

  60. I have checked it out – seems graphics have improved over original boxed FSX edition, however, paying for this game, (FSX @ $24.95), again rankles me & currently it requires a sign on to Steam in order to play the game.

    I haven’t tried the dII zip yet but I will. My OS is WIN 7, 64 bit, with 4 GB RAM. I can download the game unto system initially and play quite fine with setting set at maximum, nevertheless, once I exit FSX, after initial play, I cannot access game again as error mess appears “was not activated” & “cannot create associated scenery file” ,therefore I uninstall and whenever I feel I want to fly I reinstall FSX software entirely to enjoy a few hours.

    Does the DII address those error mssgs ?? Thanks for all replies in advance, fellow aviation players, and to you Ramoonus, for all your efforts !!

  61. Have had fsx on my PC for more than 3 years. Most of the times it worked just fine but occasionally I’d get the stupid “fatal error” message after changing an add-on plane. The past two weeks and for no reason the game just decided it didn’t want to work any more and kept crashing and causing all kinds of problems including black screen….
    Tried the UIAutomation.dll thing but it did NOT make even the slightest difference.

    I don’t know what the hell happened and what to do any more. This game is a Microsoft FAILURE.

  62. Hi Ramoonus,

    I tried to install the steam edition with Win 8.1 , but it doesn’t work.
    First comes a message that the direct.x installed on my PC is not compatible .
    Installed the direct.x present in the disk (the 9) apart from the boot screen it freezes and crashes immediately .
    In the net I noticed many requests for help on this, but no valid solution .
    Win 8.1 should be compatible with steam edition but there’s no way they coexist at all.
    The last straw was that I had no problems on older PCs with Vista, but obviously you can not run FSX on a machine so obsolete .
    If you have any tips to solve this issue, please let me know.
    Thank you very much


  63. I also have the same problem with FSX Steam. Trying to run it on a new laptop in Windows 8.1. Game will run but as soon as I try to make any changes using the top tool bar, it crashes to desktop. No warning and no error message.

  64. Ramon, you’re an absolute GENIUS !!!
    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU !!!!!!!
    No idea how it works but IT DOES !!

  65. Hey, the link seems to be broken. maybe make a new one if possible.
    Thanks for all your work. your fix does work…

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